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Charlotte Campbell is a singer/songwriter and extremely polite and cheery street performer from London.

Charlotte has been writing and performing her own music since she was 15, like most aspiring songwriters, she spent years struggling to be heard, searching for a fan base and having a pretty rotten time. But don't worry! That's not the end of the story!

After years of studying at prestigious London music schools (the BRIT School and the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance), Charlotte took her music to the streets to find new fans and practice her skill. There she found the perfect platform for connecting with music lovers and generating regular income in order to sustain a career in the industry. Through glorious summers and bitterly cold winters Charlotte sings her favourite cover songs as well as performing her own original music.  

"She takes to the microphone, chirrups a smily greeting to passers-by and launches into a series of soulful, husky-voiced reworkings of chart hits. It’s a lovely experience: all smiles and chirpy ditties" - Time Out London

Charlotte's growing fan base have helped her fund her first and second albums through crowdfunding campaigns. Allowing her the freedom to write and release music under her own management. Blue Eyed Soul can be found on iTunes and Charlotte is currently in the studio recording her second record.



Charlotte plays a Luna, Oasis Cedar guitar and is a strong supporter of the Luna brand and tribe.



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