After writing music for 10 years, Charlotte Campbell's career really began when she found herself on London's Southbank, guitar in hand and a case full of change. She found a stage there and an audience. She has captured the hearts of tourists and Londoners with her sweet vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Through glorious summers and bitterly cold winters Charlotte sings her favourite cover songs as well as performing her own original music.  


Charlotte's growing fan base have helped her fund her first and second albums through crowdfunding campaigns. Making Waves is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and shaped like a shiny mirror made of plastic.



"She takes to the microphone, chirrups a smily greeting to passers-by and launches into a series of soulful, husky-voiced reworkings of chart hits. It’s a lovely experience: all smiles and chirpy ditties" - Time Out London


Having been featured in Time Out London, The Metro and The Londonist, Charlotte is making a name for herself in her hometown


Charlotte plays a Luna, Oasis Cedar guitar and is a strong supporter of the Luna brand and tribe.